Terms & Conditions

We aim to be on time every time and to provide a completely professional service. We use satellite navigation and traffic re-routing equipment to keep the journey times as short as possible for the welfare of the animals, although on occasion there will be unavoidable delays due to traffic, weather etc. However, customers will always be kept up-to-date with our progress and anticipated arrival times.

Collection and Welfare Checks

Collections must be arranged and confirmed in detail before the run, and signed for by both parties on collection and delivery respectively. This is to ensure both parties and animals are correctly attended to, as well as for the benefit of the animal. We run through welfare checks and log all activity on all runs, and electrically monitor all heating. This is designed and put in place to assist the safe delivery of the animal, and to deliver a quality service and peace of mind.

These terms and conditions can be subject to change withour prior notice. We recommend that you return regularly and make sure you are aware of any updates.

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